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" I knew Katy's backlit paintings would work really well in a nightclub and for Lou-Lou’s she did the two Tibetan dancing ladies by the dance floor. They’re mystical and spiritual - very kinetic with the light changing so it’s like they tell a little visual story. They're truly unique, very unusual"  

Rifat Ozbek


These intoxicating back-lit paintings were conceived on 17th October 2006 following an unexpected happening, which can only be described as divine intervention. The artist was participating in a global consciousness event known as the Cosmic Trigger. This referred to a radiant beam of light, fluorescent in nature, originating in another dimension, beaming onto Earth. The purpose of which was to intensify any thought, deed or intention by a millionfold. It was an opportunity to increase the frequency on the planet to that of light and send a strong message of positivity for peace on Earth.


Katy sat down to meditate in her studio at 5.10pm, choosing the peak hour of the event, which had been ongoing for 14 hours. The moment she closed her eyes, her current work inexplicably fell off the wall, the edge of the glass palette tearing the surface of the canvas. Initial feelings of anguish and frustration soon turned to a moment of literal enlightenment, when on picking up the damaged canvas from the floor, a light shining from the reverse side transformed the painting into something sublimely beautiful, other-worldly.

Reflecting on these supernatural synchronicities, Katy understood that the universe was nudging her towards working with light and colour for the dynamic impact of this healing combination. This extraordinary and unusual collaboration of fusing modern technology with an ancient, primordial practice evokes an intense emotional response from viewers who claim to feel ‘balanced’, ’uplifted’, ‘invigorated’ and ultimately ‘transformed’ by the ‘unforgettable’ experience of being around the art. The work is very healing and the artist emphasises the importance of this as a healing tool as well as being a beautiful, bespoke decorative piece.


Katy went on to showcase the first four illuminated paintings with Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, former director of the Gagosian Gallery, New York. She was commissioned in 2012 by Robin Birley and Rifat Ozbek to make two large works for the Tibetan Room in Lou-Lou's members' only club at 5 Hertford Street. There are illuminated paintings hanging in prestigious houses including Sabina Estates in Ibiza, Kimberley Hall in Norfolk and Gillian Anderson's house in the UK.


While these paintings obviously come alive at night, they are also very alluring during the day, radiating subtle and intriguing ambient vibrations. Katy programs the paintings to have 8 individual light shows so that you have an ever changing landscape with differing moods and tempos. She will happily discuss tailor made installations to suit any environment.

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